Tuesday, February 01, 2011

As Nature Wreaks Havoc

things get halted to a standstill. the floods in Queensland, the nonstop rain in Singapore, the floods in Johor, the storms in the US.. as we make use of what nature has provided us, what Earth has given us to live, they are now hitting back at us.. these natural elements is what Man can not control but yet hope they could.

while we try our best to make things work, not everything goes our way.. obstacles might hinder your movement, setbacks might befall you, but that doesnt stop you from moving forward, moving to better things, to a better you. i've tried to tell a friend this, countless times. but it matters not the number of times i say, or even how i say it, bcos ultimately, the responsibility is on yourself to step out, grow out of your small shoes and step into something bigger. honestly, i cant help much. it's been more than a decade since i saw this coming, and while words might be powerful, the onus is still on yourself.

Y Lulled to Sleep @ 10:28 PMY

Monday, December 06, 2010

In that Split Second

I seem to have grown up alot these past few months.. A switch to my second job, which exposed me to a different world, yet made me learn fresh knowledge and to be more independent; and a recital of wedding vows, which sealed me to become a Missus, witnessed by my closest family and friends.

i'm happy. things turned out for the better this year. new changes, new faces, new friendships formed, yet the old remain very strong. while some frenz have drifted away, i still hope the bond remains and keeps intact.

i've got a hubby now. really really happy we found each other. starting to prepare to do up the house and tt itself is alot of work. i gotta buck up! the year is ending, and before it does, there's gonna be lotsa meetups and gift exchanges and lotsa yummy food which i'm sooo looking forward to (^-^)

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Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a One Way Street

and you can only move forward. what a tough way to start the year, but nevertheless, it's a way.. out.
i get beaten time n again. beaten by the odds, beaten by the market. but if i can see others forge ahead and find their way out, why not me? it'll be my turn..

somehow, somewhere, sometime.

Y Lulled to Sleep @ 11:24 PMY

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sitting on the Fence

and sometimes, keeping the mouth shut is the best choice.
the big shots talk, but it's just yakking away, nothing substantial, nothing real is gonna happen. it's just gonna be left stagnant. but they just babble their way thru thinking it makes sense. but seriously, that sweet talk is just gonna fall on deaf ears.
i think, shut up already.

Y Lulled to Sleep @ 10:59 PMY

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lugging the Load.. or Lack Thereof

it's tiring.. fighting for something and not knowing when it will come by.
it's tough.. keeping up the hope yet being struck down again.
it's hard.. trying as you will but afraid disappointment will set in.

but i guess there's no way out. there's only one way, that is going forward.

'it's not whether you get knocked down;
it's whether you get up again'
Vince Lombardi ( this poster tt sis left behind after she moved house)

Y Lulled to Sleep @ 10:24 PMY

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'll Pick the Stars for U

bcos the sky's the limit.

it's been a fantastic year. full of love, warmth and happiness. filled with travelling memories of the people i love the most: my family, the bf and the bestie.

i went on 3 weekend getaways: to Bintan, cruise to nowhere and to BKK.

at Bintan

cruise to nowhere BKK- 2 day 1 night shopping craze!

i also went on 3 trips with my fave ppl. to HK with Xin, to Western Australia with Kang and his parents, and finally to Egypt with family.

made it to HK with the babe!
WA- the man moving on to bigger things Egypt Mystique

simply amazing! it all rocked!

the r/s w Kang is going on fab, and i'm loving everything about him. the bond is getting stronger and the love deeper and i'm just looking forward to more of our great times together.

still loving annual trips overseas with family, tho it might get harder through the years as the kids grow older. i just hope for happiness and health for them.

friendships are also going on strong and i hope to maintain them through the years ahead.

for myself, havent really thought abt new year resolutions, but upfront will be to improve myself. to be less temperamental, to think with my head first before shooting my mouth off. to be more driven in life cos i'm waaay too slack for my own liking. and of course, to get a new job!

it'll be a busy year in 2010, but i'm thinking that it'll be a good one =]

Y Lulled to Sleep @ 12:32 PMY

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Wind Lifts Her Up

it's hard to change anything but to try to find that happiness that is lurking in the shadows. there is always bound to be the small little things that lifts the spirit. i garner energy from another source other than myself, or rather it's shared. no negativity is spilled over.

i feel much better and i hope she does too. it's all about:
" when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade "

Y Lulled to Sleep @ 9:51 PMY


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