Tuesday, February 01, 2011

As Nature Wreaks Havoc

things get halted to a standstill. the floods in Queensland, the nonstop rain in Singapore, the floods in Johor, the storms in the US.. as we make use of what nature has provided us, what Earth has given us to live, they are now hitting back at us.. these natural elements is what Man can not control but yet hope they could.

while we try our best to make things work, not everything goes our way.. obstacles might hinder your movement, setbacks might befall you, but that doesnt stop you from moving forward, moving to better things, to a better you. i've tried to tell a friend this, countless times. but it matters not the number of times i say, or even how i say it, bcos ultimately, the responsibility is on yourself to step out, grow out of your small shoes and step into something bigger. honestly, i cant help much. it's been more than a decade since i saw this coming, and while words might be powerful, the onus is still on yourself.

Y Lulled to Sleep @ 10:28 PMY


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